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Paid Search Advertising

When you're running short on time and your is competition is strong, paid search advertising is the quickest, most effective solution to reach your target audience.

Paid Search Advertising
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Does My Website/Company Need Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

If done properly, this style of web marketing can offer you immediate search engine visibility, which is a definite bonus when your website is young or you are working on gaining better exposure on the Internet. You can immediately get your website in front of your consumers with paid search advertising. We’ll make suggestions, manage your campaigns, and make your online advertising easy, hassle free, profitable and effective.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can be used as a compliment to your organic SEO campaign. If managed correctly, PPC will provide more exposure initially, but over time can be very expensive unless the right consumer clicks through your advertised links, and you convert a high percentage of them. Establishing the right mix of keywords in your advertisement and your bidding strategy is the foundation of a successful paid search campaign.

PPC Management

OptiWeb Marketing can effectively manage your PPC Campaign by doing the keyword research, creating the advertisement, proposing the bid strategy and monitoring the click-through-rates (CTRs). Our goal for every PPC campaign is to return our customer the greatest return on their investment. Everyone knows that high volume keywords get the most attention, but it is important that the advertisements appear with optimal positioning across all of the major paid advertising portals. It would be a big mistake to only focus on high volume keywords, "long tail" keywords are very economical and can deliver impressive results.

OptiWeb Marketing’s expert team will help you develop a PPC campaign that is appropriate for your needs and cost-effective for your business or industry.

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