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Web Development

Whether you are searching for a new website design or would like to redesign your current one, we can help you with the latest web development techniques.

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Montreal Web Development

Based in Montreal, Canada, OptiWeb Marketing is an experienced team of web designers, developers and web marketing experts. We develop effective applications for web platforms and are capable of working on various content management systems (CMS) that will undoubtedly improve your online image and increase profits. Through our website development services, your business will significantly grow in online recognition and will successfully grab the attention of your customers. We design and develop websites with several goals but our main concerns are to make them load faster, look better, become more user-friendly and convert more leads into sales.

Our professional team uses an efficient and effective in-house process that involves several stages including: design, quality control and testing.

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Expert Web Development Programmers

Our modern web development tools help us create state of the art responsive websites that look impressive on any device. Impress your customers with a website that signals professional quality whether viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. We can professionally transform your website from scratch or even if it is already partially developed.

Our professional team uses an efficient and effective in-house process that involves several stages including: design, quality control and testing to ensure your website is created with the highest website design standards.

Why is Web Development Important?

A website can often be a customer’s first point of contact with a business. If a website lacks professionalism or quality, the impression of the business will lose credibility and suffer. Developing an attractive website is how businesses communicate and visually project themselves. Not only will your customers learn about what you offer or why they should buy your products or services but they can generate an image of quality simply by the way your website is designed. With a properly designed website that functions well on all devices, you can increase connectivity with your customers, so that you will be able to.

What to Look for When Hiring a Web Development Company?

When looking for a company tasked with the important responsibility of developing your website, there a few things to keep in mind when doing your research. Consider their portfolio and what they have done for other companies.

Look at projects that they have already completed to get an idea of what they can do for you. Look for a company that you can partner with who will understand your needs and who you can communicate effectively with. Make sure that you find a company that can devote the necessary time to your website and be sure to let them know what kind of a commitment you require. Do you require a company that can write content as well as provide web development and design?

It’s important to not only find a company that can do everything you need but that also enables you to modify whatever you do not like. The last thing you want is to pay money and receive a product you are unsatisfied with.

Mobile Marketing

Marketers have been increasing promotional marketing through permission-based texts and have seen loyal customer bases grow as a result of mobile coupons, contests, event notifications and more. In order to reach your customers as fast and as direct as possible, mobile marketing strategies are highly valued for any business.


If your business requires transmitting money or data, a high performing e-commerce website is an absolute necessity. From start-ups to large-scale e-commerce solutions, we have many years of experience creating online stores that are well designed, user-friendly, engaging, and most importantly, easy to buy from.

When selecting OptiWeb Marketing as your e-commerce developer, you will be working with a team of e-commerce experts who understand the intricacies of selling online. Our mission is to see your online store succeed!

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